Quantitative Categorical Data Cheat Sheet

So this is my “dumbed” down attempt to help those who are newbie in quantitative studies like me.  I used the simplest examples to help explain each category. I find that having a little thing like this right in front of me as I am doing SPSS, it helps me organize my data.

Level of Measurements

Nominal: Name; gender (yes/no); no level; without any regard to the value. Order is arbitrary

Ordinal: Rank; e.g. military, grade/school; think steps. Order matters but not the difference between values; ex: movie ratings, * versus *****

Note: Likert scale falls in between Ordinal and Interval

Interval: some value to the number, equal distance, no true zero; difference between two values is meaningful; 0°C, 25°C, 50°C

Ratio: equal distance and has true zero; ex: can be open question, straight and specific number, depends how you phrase your question; $0, $20

Example of Income:

Nominal: Do you have money? Y/N

Ordinal: What is your level of income? Low/mid/hi

Interval: What is your income? 0-10,000/10,001-20,000

Ratio: How much do you have? $_______