About this awesomeness

Creative soul, pragmatic mind.  

Kit Lau, headshot square

Hi! My name is Kit, I blog about pretty much everything and anything that I find interesting at the moment I feel like blogging (or maybe just need to rant).  It’s not saying much, I know. That’s because I don’t really have a purpose for this thing other than being my online outlet of sporadic keyboard exercises.

I enjoy spending my free time honing my culinary skills (and buying expensive Japanese knives), performing with my string quartet as a mediocre second violinist, occasionally dabble in oil painting, and spending time with my rescued Great Pyrenees dogs.

Because I am creative by nature and somewhat thrifty at heart, I capitalize most of my talents as a necessity to budget balance my occasional outlandish consumer behaviors.  Although I have an MA in Mass Comm & Journalism, I’ve yet to apply any of the knowledge I acquired during my collegian years towards pretty much anything else in life, especially my professional career.

I use to play a lot of video games,  but ever since I started adopting animals (and boyfriends), I can’t play hard and go pro anymore.


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