Cliffs are a reoccurring theme

Back in April when Tyler proposed, he did it at the Cliffs of the Moher. More specifically, the O’Brien’s Tower which is a much safe spot (no chance of that 50mph gust blowing the ring away, sorta) at about 700ft right above the Irish sea. The parking lot attendant told us that we had a 20% chance of seeing the cliffs sunny.  I was a bit worried since I traveled all the way to Ireland to see these cliffs and would’ve been really bummed if it was covered in mist and fog.  Luckily, as soon as we hiked to the top of the cliffs, the sun decided to show up after all.



Six months later, we did our engagement photos on top of the Taft Point, which overlooks the Yosemite Valley, at about 7700 ft.  We got there on a misty/rainy/foggy day with a little bit of a sun.  So when the sun started to set, the fog and mist made the sunset looked like the sky was on fire.  Almost everyone I’ve shown these photos has commented that they’ve got a bit of LOTR feel to it, and one of them even pointed out that it looked almost like we’re on the quest to get the One Ring back to Mordor, ha! It was a bit of a hike carrying all of our clothes and whatnot up and down the cliffs. It did get a little scary and sketchy as the photographer kept trying to urge us to get closer to the cliffs.  Despite not being generally afraid of heights — I finally said fuck it to the heels and kept my hiking boots on when we were traversing the fissures and cliff rocks.  After all, I did have a floor-length dress on.



Not wanting to risk the possibility of “third time’s a charm”, we’ve decided to conduct our ceremony at the safety of our own home with family come December.  I still haven’t decided if I want a photographer at our ceremony yet… but I do like how these cliff photos turned out. However, I think we are done with cliffs for the remainder of the year.