I am officially a hermit

So I haven’t done laundry for clothes in like a month. Why does this correlate to me being a hermit? Read on to find out.

Tyler has done a few washes since the last time I did a wash but it’s mostly his own stuff. Although I’ve washed plenty other household textiles meanwhile so don’t be too grossed out. I am talking about the laundering of clothes. Yet I haven’t even come close to running out of clothes to wear, and my closet racks and hangers are still tightly packed — although I am running low on the thinner stretchy pants/shorts. Other than that, I think I can keep going for another month, ha!

Also, I’ve rolled into work in some questionable ugly stuff as well. And not a single person at my work has noticed. I am talking about intentionally wearing extremely ugly stuff like flesh-tone mom-style high-waisted (not the cute kind) elastic band sweat pants and poorly made stained white T-shirt. And not a soul has even looked at me twice when I did these intentional outfits to see how much I can get away with. I guess there are perks to being a hermit nowadays and only have to work at the office twice a week with a bunch of dudes whose interests are only at beer, scantly-clad women and cars (in no particular order). I guess men are quite oblivious to these kinds of things, or they were just too nice to say something about it. I am willing to bet $1000 it’s the former.

So being a hermit has its perks. Not going out means not having to dress up and go out and find an activity and consequently spend money for thus food/entertainment. I still go grocery shopping but you can wear a garbage bag for that and no one would notice. Not only I get to save money by not going out as much, I also do WAY less laundry and save California some more water lol.

Side note, I’ve converted one of our bathroom tubs into laundry basket. Not only I don’t have to clean that shower/tub anymore (now we only shower/bathe in one bathroom instead of both like before), I also have WAY more space to go before I have to do laundry. Last time when I cleaned out the tub I had about 5 loads worth. I wonder if I can beat my previous record. Someone please DARE me.