Temporarily semi-unemployed, and moving!

If you call in between jobs and working part-time but not getting paid yet temporarily semi-unemployed, I am your gal. I recently accepted a Creative Director position at a San Francisco start-up, and I am optimistically nervous about moving to the city for it.  Being away from home and the comforts of suburbia life, and grinding it out like the rest of the young and ambitious millennials; it’s one of those things in life that if I don’t do it now, I might not have the opportunity to do it later kind of opportunity.  And since I am a firm believer of grab your opportunity by the balls and see where life takes you kind of person, I am going to do this and see where life takes me.

To me, San Francisco has always been the city that’s a stone throw away, has lots to offer, great food, take your visiting overseas relatives there for a day trip, but the parking really sucks-kind of place. I never really craved the big city experience since I spent the first decade of my life living in China and half of that was spent in Guangzhou, which now has over 14 million people dwelling in the heart the city… and San Francisco has almost a million.  I don’t care for the streets smelling like pee and people everywhere kind of environment, but I do like the conveniences of big cities.  I always liked walking down the street to the corner store to grab something, or always having something to do because as with all big cities, you are never short of entertainment.  Not that Sacramento has shortage of that, but it’s no San Francisco.  On a side note, I just got back from visiting Portland, that is now my official favorite city ever and I want to move there in the near future.

Back to  moving to the big city — OMG, the rent there is SO expensive, it was an eye-opening, life changing experience just going through apartment hunting.  I never really quite understood how anyone can live there and let alone afford it without rent control, or at least make bijillion dollars a year.  I recently found my place of residence but it was not without some serious sacrificing of $$$. I knew I had some standards but they weren’t ridiculous.  But at minimum, I was hoping I could afford something around the $2000/month range that would include me not having to share a bathroom with 4 other people, a window bigger than the size of a pizza box, somewhat centrally located and easily accessible via some sort of transportation, and maybe, just maybe, some kind of parking within a 3 block radius.  Boy, was I wrong.

The place I ended up finding costs me an arm and a leg, but my justification was that if I am going to live there most days out of the week,  I want something that resembles a home, not a dark utility closet in a street corner of a run down building, and I got most of that, except there will always be a few stray crack-heads wandering on the streets next to my building.

I am kind of nervous about adjusting to this new life style — I know I have gotten used to the comforts of suburbia, and it will be an adjustment, I am just not quite sure how I will adjust to it yet.  But I have a feeling, I am going to have a love hate relationship with it already.  And is it just me or does every single big box office movie that would feature a big super-natural disaster/battle scene always features SF being involved one way or another? (Ex: trampled, destroyed, or attacked).   Golden Gate has to be the most-destroyed landmark in film history.


Godzilla the movie

Pacific Rim


Planet of the Apes

planet of the apes

San Andreas


The Core


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