Pityriasis rosea diagnosis and treatments, home remedies, and what finally worked.

*************UPDATE************ 6/24/2015

Went to the Dr again after my second break out. Apparently, this second time around is NOT PR. But instead  chronic hives because of PR, and it is reoccurring because of some allergic reaction.  She prescribed me some really strong Prednisone, I took it and it cleared up all of the itching and hives within 3 days.   My body was completely cleared a week later.

None of that Head and Shoulders showering day in day out, cortisone cream, special oils, tanning bed even came close to this level of effectiveness.

Just letting the internet world know.

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*Cue angelic harmony*

Praise baby Jesus, Allah, and Buddah! After 6 weeks of this ridiculous skin condition, it is finally over. First thing I thought was how close I am to the statistics for the average sufferer of such condition. The past two weeks has definitely been a lot more tolerable than the initial weeks. I switched back to using Head & Shoulders shampoo as body wash for the past week and half and it has not made a difference.  But I am glad that I can finally use a regular body wash/soap that’s not an anti-dandruff shampoo, and I no longer have to lather myself in ridiculous creams every evening before bed.

However, the scars… 

I am terribly scarred.  Upon examining my body in a well lit room, I saw the full effect of which PR has wrecked havoc upon my once semi-pristine skin.  I never really appreciated how “scar-less” and normal my skin looked, and now I certainly do wish I have that back again.  I have light brown spots EVERYWHERE from my chest down, and my mid torso looks like someone who just rolled out of bed full of fleas.  It’s horrific. I am grateful that I am no longer itching like a mad woman going through crack withdrawals, but the marks are there to remind me that PR has to be the most stupidest, pointless, random skin condition known to man.

Here’s a recap of what pityriasis rosea is: 

It isn’t contagious

There is no “cause”

The origin of such condition is unknown

There is no cure

It goes away on it’s own.

But not after you’ve suffered a month and half of pure torture from itchiness.

Although I am temporarily marred with brown spots all over me, I am so glad this treacherous disease has finally subsided and will NEVER (knock on wood) come back again.