A month into pityriasis rosea *UPDATE*

Before I begin again about my encounter and subsequent suffering of pityriasis roasea, I must apologize for my last entry and the gnarly photos I posted.  I understand it’s not the most kosher thing to post on the internet right next to a series of blog posts about product/diet reviews, and babies and puppies.  However, since I started my treatment for pityriasis rosea with the variety of unorthodox treatment options found on the internet (e.g. Head & Shoulder as bodywash, tanning beds 3 times a week, etc.), I figure I owe whoever is reading but is also suffering from this dreadful annoyance of a fleeting condition an update about how my progress is coming along.  The few days after I begin using H&S as a body wash, I noticed that my spots weren’t as evident and my yearning to constantly scratch the problem areas were slightly diminishing, but at the same time I was also getting new spots.  It never got to a point to where I was not itching anymore, but I did notice that I was scratching myself less.  

After walking out of the shower one night, I thought to myself, maybe someone at H&S’s marketing department decided to post on one of the forums I happened upon, claiming that by using their product as a body wash, it will help expedite the healing process.  Since there is no way to proof its validity as a form of remedy, it’s actually a pretty genius marketing ploy. 


However, what if it was really just some random person who thought it was a novel idea to try something ridiculous — just to see if it actually worked and it just happens to coincide with their progress of PR retreating? And how silly would it be for me to actually believe it (when you’re that desperate, you’re willing to try anything)?! I am pretty sure I am not the only one who went out the next day to purchase a bottle of H&S to try and see if it worked.

I stopped using H&S as a body wash after a week.

So my progress is not getting better, in fact I have new patches growing on the sides of my thighs. And now I am thinking it’s because I stopped using H&S.  For a while, it had seemed like PR had stopped spreading, and I thought hey maybe I should stop using H&S as a body wash.  But a week without using it, and me discovering more patches expanding in my pelvic area, I am thinking maybe I should go back to using it.  I have however, kept up with the tanning, and I am not sure if it’s doing my new patches any good, but it is certainly helping the old ones heal faster.  Needless to say, I am about five weeks in with PR now, and the end of this annoying condition’s is nowhere in sight.  I am still getting new spots, and it’s getting particularly worse in my chest areas.

That’s it for now, I will post another update post when condition changes.

How I am dealing with pityriasis rosea – symptoms, experience, and remedy/solution

Update: 5/10/15 if you’re here to see what ended up working for me, see my latest post on how I finally got rid of this via my doctor my doctor prescribing me Prednisone after all of which the things I tried mentioned in this old post failed. 

Old post:

 I am on a roll here, I haven’t post this much since I first started this blog more than 5 years ago. I first discovered that I had pityriasis rosea about 2 weeks ago.  I started getting these random red itchy bumps all over my pelvic area. I was itching like a mofo and my boyfriend thought it must have been mosquito or flea bites from my dogs. But I had just gotten my fur kids groomed and they were regular on their flea medication, and also they were indoor dogs as they rarely spent more than a couple of hours outdoors so it couldn’t have been them.  I even changed my sheets a couple of times because I thought it was bed bugs, but it didn’t make any sense because my boyfriend had no symptoms of bug bites.  After a week and half of suffering, I finally made a doctor’s appointment and within 24 hours, I was able to see my general doctor for some answers.
The Diagnosis

As soon as I lifted my shirt up, my doctor cracked a smiled and immediately diagnosed me.  Apparently, this is very common, especially amongst women between 10-36yrs of age.  My appointment was so quick, I was dismissed by my doctor within 5 mins of her walking into the exam room, and she practically told me to suck it up for the next 2-8 weeks because it will go away on it’s own.

Needless to say, I was a little pissed about the diagnosis and the lack of treatment.

What is Pityriasis Rosea

Here are a few common things I found out about this disease:

  1. Pityriasis rosea is not contagious – those around you won’t get it, so yes you can go to work and pretend everything is normal.
  2. It is a type of skin condition that no one knows the cause, and you might or might not itch – but if you do, in the words of another anonymous sufferer that shared on another forum, you’ll itch so bad that you’re not sure whether if you “want to slice your skin off or drive into a bus”.  As I am typing this, I am itching.
  3. PR is stress related.  The more stressed you are, the worse the flare up.
  4. Not a lot of research has been conducted on the origin of this skin condition – meaning no one really cared enough to find out what causes it, and how to get rid of it.
  5. An experience that will last on average 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer (rarely shorter), and you might or might not get it again, but most people have immunity towards it after they get it.
  6. Most of the suffers I read online were females – even though statistics say it was split pretty much down the middle between the genders with a little bit more female sufferers.
  7. It’s related to a type of herpes (not the genital kind, don’t worry).
  8. It isn’t caused by the flu shot.

The Experience

Right after my diagnosis, I immediately followed my doctor’s advice and got some hydrocortisone cream, Cetaphil body wash + lotion, and allergy medication like Zyrtec and Benedryl.  A week into using these things, none of them worked.  So I went back to the internet and did some more research.  After a couple hours of reading, I have come to the conclusion that every person’s experience with PR is different, and their remedy/solutions are just as different as their experience.  Nevertheless, I found that most of the people that put forth the effort to share their experiences with PR are those who are suffering the most (i.e. the people that are suffering from some serious itchiness but can’t stop it), and I am one of those.  Here is a photo of the right side of my body around the torso area.  As you can see, these are pretty fresh still (as I am writing this, I am about 3 weeks into PR).

The Remedy/Solution

As with most people who are suffering PR, they want to find out what really helps with the itching, and how to expedite this experience and minimize the suffering.  I for one, have started doing a couple of things base on my research online.  I’ve started TANNING, and it’s funny because I never thought I would go into a tanning bed, EVER.  I am so pale, I have an intense fear of tanning due to the fact that it can 1) cause cancer, 2) expedite the aging process, and most importantly 3) give you wrinkles.  I had to set my fear of tanning aside because apparently, tanning helps a lot with expediting the process of recovery.  I am not sure if its the UVA or UVB rays that would help it, but I am not the first to use tanning as a solution.   To make it easier, I found a place really close to my work, and got their one-month unlimited tanning package. Today was my second session – the first day I did 5 mins on the bed, and today I did 7 mins.  I plan on going back in about 2 days and keep the dosage low at about 5-8mins depending how I am feeling.  So far, I haven’t felt the difference in how I am itching, but I do notice my patches are healing faster – so I think it is doing something for the speed of this experience.

Another thing I read on the internet that had helped a lot of people with PR is the usage of Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo as a body wash.  I had originally followed my doctor’s orders with the usage of Dove soap bar and Cetaphil body wash after my diagnosis, but they didn’t work.  So tonight, I decided to try Head & Shoulders.  I pretty much lathered myself from head to toe with this stuff.  Since most people recommended NOT to take hot showers (and I love a hot shower), I couldn’t do cold showers, so I pretty much used the temperature I am use to, but the only difference is crank down the temp as I am about to get out to cool down my body. Right after the shower – I felt very good.  No itching, and I felt very refreshed (it also helped that the shampoo smelled fantastic in comparison to the Cetaphil body wash I was using).  But a couple of hours later, I had a little bit of itch returning.  I also applied the Cortizone lotion all over my body immediately after the shower.  Luckily, my boyfriend had some acetonide cream around (prescription only) and they seem to have some effect on reducing the level of the itchiness.


The Remedy: Acetonide Cream, Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength, and Cortizone-10 Intense Healing Lotion


One of the solutionsI had read on the internet for pityriasis rosea was tanning beds. I went about 5-8mins 4 times a week.


Right now, I am only about three weeks into pityriasis rosea, I have a feeling I still have another week or two to go before my body will start to kick it for good – but I will try to post my progress in a couple of days after using the Head and Shoulders and Cortizone-10 stuff + tanning.

I hope my insight and experience with PR will help others who are also suffering from this same condition.  I would also love for others who are currently experiencing (or experienced) PR to share their experiences here with me and fellow sufferers, especially providing insight and solutions that helped with alleviating their symptoms.