JPG JPEG with transparent background – making the impossible, possible

While I was working on a logo today at work for an event, I accidentally discovered something that goes against all logic, and because I am a computer graphic artist, this felt like defying gravity, going against the laws of physic, walking on water… etc.

I had discovered that I could make a JPG image with transparent background.

Check it out below:


I did this entire process on Photoshop CC and Visual Studios, and couldn’t figure out how I did it.  Since I work at a software company, and half of my coworkers are computer software developers and tech savvy folks — I seeked out their expertise to help me figure out how I did it.   They were able to recreate a transparent jpg and quickly replicated the process by changing the extension of a png to jpg, and to verify the process, you can upload the image to Exif Data Viewer to verify.  So while I was uploading the image, I had changed the extension on accident without consciously knowing what I was doing.

So the moral of the story is, you can make a JPG/JPEG image with a transparent background.  You just have to start it off as a PNG first.

Now I owe my coworker a beer because he figured out how it was done.