A love story between a baby and her Great Pyrenees dogs

Since the birth of my niece, Havanna, I have always try to capture every moment she has with my Great Pyrenees dogs. My two Great Pyrenees dogs are rescues from the Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club.  While I can’t speak for all dogs of this breed — from my personal experience, these dogs make excellent baby sitters and have immense tolerance and kindness towards toddlers and children.   As with all interactions between a pet and young children, I was always there to supervise.  However, should I walk away for a few minutes while my niece is in the room with our dogs, I don’t really fret about it because I know they will never do anything to hurt her.   From what I have seen so far — the bond  between children and dogs seemed very natural and almost innate, and often at times,  she would prefer their company over adults.  However, the only time I see my dogs react is when sudden loud noises occur.  Their sudden movements can sometime knock a barely walking 1-year old child onto the floor very easily.  And because of their size, I still try to keep an eye on them when they’re playing together (even though the only thing I have to worry about between their interaction is if the pyrs would accidentally turn around and knock the wobbly baby off her feet). Although the pyrs can be a little stubborn and independent at times, they are definitely gentle giants… and I hope this video shows just that.


And because Great Pyrenees dogs do make excellent companions for young children (with proper training of course), I often refer to them as my giant furry babysitters.