World map HD wallpaper for dual monitors

Call me a geek — today I had a sudden urge of re-educating myself in the subject of geography when a coworker asked me whether if I knew where Kyrgyzstan was in relative to Russia. When I didn’t know the answer, I knew it was time to study the world map all over again. Since I work on a computer all day long and I am constantly staring at my monitors, I figured — the world map as the wallpaper for my work desktop with country names on it was the best way to go. It was a little light bulb moment for me. I thought to myself, “Ah-HA! There has to be plenty of wallpapers created for dual monitors on the interweb… and it should be perfect for two screens!!”

So I went on my little googling binge and after 20 mins of some serious searching, I couldn’t find anything remotely close to be working perfectly for both monitors without cutting off major territories. So when I couldn’t find it, I decided to make my own with lots of screen captures, cut and paste, and then photoshop it all together.

Here it is in two different sizes (depending on your resolution size).

My assistant also wanted it on her screen but her monitors are 20inches instead of 24inches, so I made two versions of this world map. I might (someday) make a prettier version of this, but until that day, this will have to do. Enjoy!

Note: In order to make the wallpaper stretch across the monitor correctly, make sure you set your wallpaper setting to “TILE”. Also, depending on how your monitors are set up, China should be on your right screen and USA should be on the left.

Here it is, the world map HD wallpaper for dual screens at 3840 x 1200:


A tad bit smaller, the world map HD wallpaper for dual screens at 3360 x 1050:

hd wallpaper for dual screens 3360x1050