Happy holidays

Maybe it’s just me but for some reason I see way more people on Facebook post “happy new year” than “Merry Christmas”. Maybe because the trend is that more people are becoming secular, or maybe people are just more self absorbed and wanted their social network to know that they celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends and wore fancy outfits.  Anyways, I spent the entire day making rounds visiting family with the bf and yes, I went out the night before and had a fantastic time instead of staying home.

Anyways, I’ve ranted enough, and here are some pictures of my Christmas Day meal, and all the food I prepared for the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner.









2 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. Nomvula, if I were you, I would pick something small (like a small piece of dark chocolate), and eat it do that it satisfies your sweet tooth, but don’t go crazy on the sweets. Sometimes we all need a little break to keep us going.

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