Why we love our dogs (cats, or any other animals)

dog and polar bear playing

It’s obvious that our society has an obsession when it comes to cute cuddly animals.  News stories with animal encounters are often sensationalized, and overshadows other more important national issues.  Cute cats playing with a box is much more entertaining to watch than an economist talking about the fiscal cliff.  Regardless of our obsessions, one thing is for sure – we can’t get enough of it.  I for one, is definitely one of those people who has an above average obsession with my dog. Okay, maybe not just above average, maybe well above average.  My dog Panda has a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a Facebook page, a website, and last but not least business cards and holiday cards made out specifically for him and his friends.   Call me crazy, but when you have an awesome well-behaved brilliant dog like Panda, it’s hard not to e-idolize him.  My friend said it would be a good idea to compile a list as to why I love my dog or why I love dogs in general and the awesome reasons as to why I would gladly pick him over any guy any day, I accepted this challenge. So here is my list as to why I love my dog. If you think I missed anything here, or something I should add on to here, please feel free to drop a comment and I’ll keep adding it onto here.

  1. My dog will always be there for me.
  2. My dog provide unconditional love.
  3. My dog will never lie to me.
  4. At the end of the day, I can always count on my dog to cheer me up.
  5. My dog keeps me warm at night.
  6. People sometimes talk to much. I enjoy the silence with my dog.
  7. Watching my dog do tricks for food = instant entertainment.
  8. My dog keeps all of my secrets and will never tell a soul.
  9. My dog will never judge me.
  10. Dogs don’t require a whole lot to be happy.  Love and nourishment is all they need.
  11. My dog doesn’t care how much money I have in my bank account.
  12. My dog doesn’t care how crappy my car is (even though it isn’t a crappy car, in fact, I have a nice car, but still).
  13. Dogs never talk back to you. Ever.
  14. You can’t get into an argument with a dog.
  15. Regardless if I weigh 200lb or 100lbs, my dog thinks I look fabulous.
  16. Dogs = fun.
  17. I don’t have to floss, shower or even wear makeup for my dog.
  18. Seeing how others treat my dog lets me know what kind of person they are.
  19. My dog can sense what I am thinking, and before I know it, he’s already a step ahead of me. He really can surprise me sometimes.
  20. Dogs are drama free.
  21. My dog thinks hot dogs are just as delicious as filet mignon steaks. In other words, cheap date.
  22. My dog never complains.
  23. My dog is always loyal to me.
  24. My dog doesn’t mind me being a lazy ass. In fact, he quite enjoys it.
  25. Dogs will never be two-faced; they will always let you know what they’re thinking right then and there,
  26. My dog will never try to argue with me.
  27. Dogs never wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
  28. My dog makes a better sleeping partner than any other bf.
  29. My dog is the best pillow ever.
  30. My dog will never ask me to buy him stuff.
  31. My dog will never borrow stuff and never return it.
  32. My dog enjoys watching whatever show/movie I am watching.
  33. My dog cleans my plates, bowls, glasses, forks, spoons, and whatever dinnerware that has food particles.
  34. My dog will always forgive me.
  35. My dog will always follow me.
  36. My dog will always protect me (or try to at least).
  37. My dog will feel and act guilty when he’s actually done something wrong.
  38. My dog will miss me when I am gone.
  39. My dog thinks my crazy driving is perfectly fine.
  40. My dog won’t leave me for another owner.
  41. My dog is easily satisfied with a belly rub.
  42. I can neuter my dog legally. Bwahhaa
  43. My dog will never try to manipulate me.
  44. My dog doesn’t know how to NAG.
  45. Dogs in general, are more focused on their job (if trained for that specific service).

More to come. Time to rest up for now!