I am seriously having trouble focusing and doing the things I use to love doing.   I am one of those people who have more hobbies than you can count on both hands… I dabble in a little bit of everything every now and then, and is a master of none of my hobbies.  Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into doing oil paintings again, and I thought to myself, what better way to get back into painting again than to pick up where I left off? When I first picked up painting again few years ago, I started this huge landscape painting of a scenic place that’s very famous in Shanghai.  The painting itself is about 3 feet tall and 7 feet wide. Before that, I painted a 1×1 sunflower, the next one was this humongous thing.  I thought to myself – I can handle this.  With my painting instructor by my side, I finished about 60% of the painting within 2 weeks – spending a total of 30 hours on it.  Fast forward 3 years later, with the painting brought back with me from China, I wanted to start painting again – only this time, I can’t find the painting anymore. The entire painting rolled up in a canvas cloth – GONE.

I mean, its one thing on my part for being lazy and not wanting to finish this ever – but another when I finally find the time and courage to do it again (it is quite daunting, trying to finish that thing), and not being able to find it again – and after spending so much time already – GONE???

It’s quite frustrating and saddening at the same time. Maybe it’s time I painted something else…

the unfinished painting (3x9ft)

^now officially missing.

the “never-will-be-finished” painting

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