30 before 30 – the Bucket List

I was perusing the internet in the middle of the night (as always), and when I found a series of bloggers who had created their own 30 before 30 bucket lists, I knew I had to jump on this bandwagon.  I am 26, turning 27 in November, so I only have just a tad bit over 3 years to complete my list of 30 things before hitting the big three-O.  Time is flying by, and I’ll be graduating from grad school next Friday. Gone will be the days where I get to stay up till the crack of dawn doing whatever the fuck I want.  I’ll have to find a real job like any responsible tax paying members of the society, contribute to good causes, and maybe in the future, I’ll finally settle down.  The thought of actually growing up sounds pretty scary.  I am not sure if I want to be an adult yet, even though biologically and technically I already am one.  Anyways, here is my 30 before 30 bucket list:

  1. Jump or dive off a cliff somewhere, preferably not too high (and land in water)
  2. See some amazing fireworks for more than 30mins
  3. Visit another country other than China, Canada, or Mexico (as I frequent those often)
  4. Go on a vacation with my dad (this might be the most difficult task of my 30 lol)
  5. Attend a music festival
  6. Zip-lining
  7. Replenish my savings account
  8. Go sailing, or at least be in the boat that someone is sailing in
  9. Give away 30 things
  10. Rescue another animal
  11. Reduce my existing wardrobe by 30%
  12. Volunteer for a meaningful cause, instead of just donate money like I usually do
  13. Go vegetarian for a month
  14. Stay at a B&B for a weekend
  15. Lose (and never find it again) 15lbs
  16. Own a piece of property
  17. Shoot a gun
  18. Be surprised
  19. Take lessons on how to tango, and actually tango with someone without looking like an idiot
  20. Start and finish 5 paintings
  21. Get my ears pierced
  22. Camping trip/getaway with someone special, and spend an evening watching the stars (higher elevation = better view, you can actually see shootings stars)
  23. Own a scooter (and ride it regularly too)
  24. Leave 30 random notes of inspiration at random places where people will find it
  25. Have a picnic with my significant other.  Spend an afternoon lying on the grass under a tree shade, cuddle, look at the clouds and enjoy the moment
  26. Swim with sharks or dolphins
  27. Travel somewhere with just my backpack (I am leaving this open-ended to anywhere)
  28. Build up the courage to finally crop my hair short
  29. Moved and lived/live in a different city since I made this list for an extended period of time
  30. ?????????

Keeping my last item open — just in case something brilliant comes a long.

Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “30 before 30 – the Bucket List

    • My goodness!! Walking with lions and swimming on the edge of a waterfall (Devil’s Pool) sounds like something absolutely divine. Thank you for sharing!

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