Really cool/random/funky/weird iPhone accessories from China

Every now and then I’ll go on China’s version of eBay, where I peruse through a variety of the latest designer knock-offs and random trendy knick-knacks.  I happened across some really funky, creative and fun iPhone accessories that I wish they sell here in the States. Since everything is already MADE in China, I just wish someone would start wholesaling them here!

I hope you enjoy my little collection of random iPhone accessories.

App icon freezer magnets! How cool is it to have these on your fridge!

iphone 4 silicone titty cases... I am sure the nude color one is a real hit with guys who have a thing for boobs

Isn't this just hilarious? They even advertise it as the best tool to reduce cell phone radiations... Apparently Craig Daniel have used this quirky iphone headphone/phone handle...

Old school 80's mobile phone case for the iphone. How OG is this?? I remember my dad had one of the original Motorola ones and they were HEAVY! This looks a lot lighter. Definitely brings back nostalgia...

Cassette tape iphone 4 case... couldn't even tell its an iphone until you see the buttons on the side. So retro and fun!

The super blinged out iphone case with rhinestone peacock. This one is for the ladies... and for about 140rmb (<$20), this is a steal! Just look at the detail!

Is that a gameboy? No! It's an iphone! You can actually buy these silicone or hard cases on eBay, but they were definitely first introduced in China. I actually have the white one 🙂


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