3 things I can do; 3 things I can’t do

Every person has their fortes and weaknesses. Sometimes comparing where we fall short in versus where we excel in is a best way to understand ourselves better.  It is also what makes us individuals, individuals.  I remember a dinner conversation I once had with my uncle few years ago, he asked me this question: “Have you reflected upon yourself today?”

“What do you mean reflect?”

“I do this every day, I ask myself to list three things that I could’ve done better, or have failed in that day, and how do I improve tomorrow.”

“Very Confucius of you uncle.  What three things are you going to reflect on today?”

“Actually, I haven’t reflected on myself today yet…”


Instead of elaborating on my three short comings of the day, I have decided to give it a twist.

3 things I can’t do and 3 things I can do


1. Run for more than a 1/4 mile.  I am just not a runner.  Maybe because I have been scarred since middle school gym glass – where I once had to run that stupid mile every Wednesday in those stupid gym clothes.  I was never the slowest of the class (or the fastest LOL!), but I definitely loathed the thought of me running a mile as fast as I can in order to get a decent grade for the class.  The worst part is getting that queasy feeling after the worst 10mins of my life.  I don’t like the way it makes my body feel, although I understand that some people LOVE the way they feel after they run, but it’s just not my cup of tea.  I even tried buying really nice running shoes to motivate myself running more or enjoy running altogether, but after a few minutes of me running in them, I can’t wait to take them off and set them aside.

2. Math. Seriously, not all Asians are good at math.  I even sweat the small stuff, like 35% of $72 is how much?  To think that I actually took calculus when I was 14, what kind of stuff was I smoking?

3. Fit into a size 4. I don’t want to sound like one of those BBW folks talking about how being big is beautiful and loves me for all of my curves kind of thing here, I am simply accepting who I am (or the size I am) because of my lifestyle choices.  It doesn’t help that I am lazy when it comes to exercising alone, not naturally blessed with amazing metabolism, and have constant appetite (and room) for delicious food. It also doesn’t help that I am a really good cook (not bragging here, just being honest), and whenever I am in the mood for something amazing, well, I’ll just make something.


1. I can sing – but not very well.  Any good musician should be able to sing in-tune because they would have to understand pitch.  I use to LOVE to sing and write music all the time, but I sort of gave it all up when I realized I didn’t sound very good in my recordings and there are a LOT better people out there at it than me.  Every now and then I’ll sing something with my friend Daniel and put it on Youtube, but don’t worry, you won’t see me lining up for American Idol auditions anytime soon.

2. I am very good at cooking without a recipe. I am one of those people who can raid a fridge and/or pantry, see what’s there, and whip up something totally random but still looks and tastes amazing.  It’s a gift, I know.

3. Give unconditional to animals.  I just have a big heart for animals, I just wish I can say the same about certain people.


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