Between borders

Since acquiring a new boyfriend who happens to be  Canadian, I have been doing a lot of traveling.  I wish I can say that it’s the glamourized jet-setting lifestyle that one often associate people who travel stylishly (and lavishly too might I add), I am more of the de-glamourized, run-down, sweatpants wearing version of that.  One and half hour to SFO, another to go through check-in and customs, two hours later I am in Calgary, and another half hour through customs.  We waste a lot of precious time for the sake of traveling.  Might I add that the planes I fly on barely bigger than a Greyhound bus? It hasn’t taken a toll on me yet because I go about once 2-3 weeks since I have nothing else better to do in summer, but it definitely echoes some serious brain-churning about what my future holds with my Canadian boyfriend.  More for next time!


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