Blogging before blogging was cool

I should really start blogging more frequently.  The other day when I was trying to write a toast for my best friend Becky’s wedding, I found myself struggling for everything between word choices to syntax.  Being out of school and not writing constantly have really taken a toll on my literary skills.  It’s one of those things that more you do it, the better you are at it. But in my case, it was the adverse.  Two and a half months have gone by without writing a complete paragraph, and all the sudden I felt like a dyslexic ESL kid from China all over again.

Sitting there typing the same sentence over and over again, I finally started to write my maid of honor speech.  The first sentence wasn’t bad, but the next few were unmentionable, and the rest was catastrophic.  I realized that I have come to rely on Microsoft Word to fix my erroneous spellings and silly little things like “was” and “were” to be underlined whenever I used improper grammar.  Reading out loud helped fix a lot of my problems, but it isn’t magic either.

I was going to write on and on about how writing is an art and divulge in rhetorical claims about the importance of writing in our everyday life, and then it hit me:  As someone who is getting her masters in communications and journalism, I need to start writing more, and become a better writer altogether ― my future depends on it. So here’s a small promise (that I might break): I will start blogging more like I use to when I was in 10th grade, when I was blogging incessantly before blogging was cool.  I will write like I use to write – with passion and zest and everything else in between.  I hope I can keep that promise.  I just don’t know if I am still egocentric enough to think that my daily tales are adventurous enough to make it to the internet.

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