So I haven’t post in a while… its partially due to school, lots of traveling, and just being lazy.

Here’s whats happened so far…

I finished my 2nd semester of grad school.  I did great in my two core theory classes, but had a very tumultuous last few weeks in the semester with one of the instructors from my Advanced Literary Journalism class. It was taught by a pretty renowned journalist and best selling author who happens to be a lazy egotistical ass.  He had no directions with the course and didn’t even followed the syllabus, had his own agendas, and didn’t even teach the class anything. To his defense, he told us in the begining of the semester that the class was going to be “different”.   Using the term different does not justify lack of teaching.  Me, along with another students had to file complaints against the guy.  After this semester, I highly doubt he will ever teach in our university again.  Let’s hope that he will stick to freelance writing and stay far far away from teaching.

In short, my summer went something like this after I got out of class:

I went to New York to visit my best friend from college Becky.

I went to Canada.

I have a new boyfriend.

I dyed my hair back to black.