My dog’s website DONE!

Recall from my earlier post, my dog’s website is now complete.  I love my dog a lot, no less than most people who love their dogs, but one of the main reasons as to why I decided to do a website for him is because he is VERY popular.  Everywhere I take him, he’s always managed to make people stop us dead on our tracks… asking about his breed and etc.  So then I thunk to myself, why not?

So here it is:

I just bought the domain name for like $10 or something ridiculously cheap like that, hosted off of my portfolio site, and designed the layout, and Bryce coded most of the site.  All in all, the entire thing took about 20 work hours between me and Bryce just for the base layout and design.  Not bad!

Next step: dog business cards.

Step after next: find sponsors.

I am determined!