Making a website for my dog

Yes that’s right! Amongst 60 pages of research papers and wedding season coming into full swing (I play in a professional string quartet and also makeup that cater to the wedding crowd), I am adding on Panda’s website as one of my to-do list for spring.

Bryce is going to help me code the website, which I am extremely grateful for since I loath the coding process. For one, I am a terrible coder, and I much prefer the “creative” aspect of design over coding.  You can see some of Bryce’s recent design and coding projects here:  Small Space Workout and also the Game Help Forum.

I feel terrible for not updating this blog as often as I should be.

On a side note, I found my old cooking/recipe blog here:  The Immaculate Cookbook

While we’re on the  topic of cooking and recipe blogging, I have finally found the recipe for making the most fluffy, bouncy and soft dough to go with my Chinese style sausage and green union baked buns.   I’ll post my recipe at my cookbook.


2 thoughts on “Making a website for my dog

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