2010 Reno Hot Air Balloon Race

This was our second time to this wonderful event, and I am so glad that my friends were able to come along and enjoy this with me.  I look forward to this event all year long.  This year we stayed at the Peppermill Hotel and Resort again, and we got the Sienna Suite and packed 7 people in there.  It was a really big suite and we had 2 additional roll-in beds, so everyone was pretty comfortable.  I’ve stayed at the Peppermill many times before and I enjoy it every time… Everything is just so over the top and clashingly glitzy in a semi-good way. And at midnight, you can always go to their Coffee Shop and get $6.99 New York steak and eggs.

Sure it was freezing and tiresome having to hike uphill and downhill at 4 in the morning – taking blankets, chairs, coolers and a bunch other crap, but once the show started, it was all worth it.

I plan on going again next year… and each time I go, I will be more and more prepared than the last 🙂

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