Facing unemployment

So the inevitable happened: my whole department got laid off and then some:  Company downsized 50%.  I am now officially part of the statistics of the financial crisis and free-fall unemployment rate.

I am not sad or anything… I mean it sucks that I lose that income.  No more $300 purses and random shopping spree.  I guess because everyone and their cousins are getting laid off or have been affected by the economy some how, I don’t feel as unfortunate or as down as if I had gotten laid off under a different circumstance.  I am actually quite… nonchalant about this.   My Marketing Director, who had a choice given to her that she could’ve stayed but choose to leave instead.  She fought long and hard to keep me there at the company (not that I was a bad employee, but when times are tough, they trim from bottoms up), and at one point she even took a large pay cut so that I didn’t have to get a pay cut and get to stay and work with her.  Anyways, so we both go out with a bang, and we just wish everyone else at the company best of luck because without Marketing (events and community connection we have), they will have a 75 degrees angle to climb.

So what now? I am still in the process of applying for graduate school with no chance of getting in anywhere because my GPA was horrific… it’ll take a real miracle for me to get accepted.  And if I do get accepted, I am going to go to school, what work place is going to take me? An transient worker for 6 months?

Granted, I do have alternatives I can always go to.  For example, the quartet.  During summer time, I get quartet gigs up the yingyang, and I make very good cash, on top of that, I can always help my friend Xue do shoots and stuff and maybe get paid for it.  I can also go back to doing professional makeup… Worse comes to worse I can start baking cupcakes or some shit.  But truth be told, all these options are options, and I’ve been doing them along my then full-time job.  But now, I feel like just saying screw it, and go hide in my garage and start painting again.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring, maybe sunshine, maybe rain.