Spending Christmas with the boyfriend’s families…

This Christmas I got to spend it with Bryce’s families… and although I have already met most of his immediate family members, I got a chance to meet “the rest of them” .

My overall experiences with meeting his family this time have been very pleasant.  Although it was a crazy week-long non-stop of family gathering one right after another, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  My most memorable moments this trip was getting to really sit down and chat with Bryce’s grandpa, his dad’s dad, Papa Dave.  He is the family patriarch, and for a very good reason.  Well into his 80’s, this man can still do 50 push-ups and fly airplanes.  In most large families, there’s always the most cherished and beloved elder figure where their words of wisdom is worth more than gold:  for my family it’s my mom’s side grandma Dingding;  for Bryce, it’s his grandpa Dave.

Although it has been a tough economy, gift given never stops when tis the season to be jolly.  Like last year, when spending Christmas with American folks, I always get a LOT more presents than spending it with my tiny nuclear Chinese family.  I also had to buy a lot more gifts too… so I guess it evens it out.  But granted, I do enjoy spending Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) with my family in China… nothing beats recieving envelopes after envelopes of cold crisp bills of hundreds.  Damn, after saying that almost makes me want to get on an airplane to China.

This year what I did do a little bit differently was the Christmas cards I gave out along with every single present I sent out.   I took my sweet time and wrote personalized messages that are usually paragraphs long to every single person I was giving a gift to.    People nowadays often just write a card with their name on it and give it to their friends – where is the thought in that?  How about spending an extra few minutes and write them a nice passage – something you only need to do once a year and let them know how you feel and how much you appreciate them?

However, my best gift that I’ve recieved this year, probably has to be from my boss Michelle.  She gave me this gorgeous leather wallet from Kate Spade… when I opened that gift in front of my co-workers, all their jaws dropped.

I will definitely post pictures from the opening presents… It was such a crazy day, we woke up at like 7am in the morning to open presents in one house and goes to another house and opens more presents, and immediately right after we went to dinner at another family’s house and last but not least wrapped the day up with a visit to the movie theaters to watch Sherlock Holmes… which I might said if I hadn’t had to sit so damn close to the movie screen because it was so freaken packed, I would have enjoyed the movie a lot more.  But overall I did like the movie and it was not bad at all.

Next day I went to go shopping for the AFTER Christmas sales… I got quite a bit of stuff, but not as amazing of deals as Black Friday this year.

It’s 2:00am exactly… I think its bedtime.

This is my first step towards recreating the Faraway Universe

Hello everyone!
Faraway Universe has always been one of those things I really want to do, but never get a chance to get around to it… well, I am finally taking the first step and creating this WordPress page for it.

It will be in similar format as the old site – everything from blogging, reviews, to random photo galleries. I will try to update as often as I can!